Saturday, June 15, 2019

The power of social media

Social media is an undeniable force in today's world!


This episode of Ted talk was about how the revolution of social media has changed the way we receive information, it is about how social media is affecting our lives every single day.

The media gives opportunities to communicate in means that were never possible before and all these changes have been happening within only these past few years. Shirky explains how much the media has transformed over the years and how social media in fact will make history.

The four periods where media has changed enough to be truly considered as revolutionary:

1.) The Printing Press
2.) Two way communication, conversational media: telegraph and telephone
3.) Recorded media other than print: photographs, recorded sound,movies
4.)  Radio and Television

This is the media we knew in the 20th century but the problem with all of this is that Media that has been good at creating conversations (phone) is not good at creating groups.

Media that has been good at creating groups (radio or TV) is not good at creating conversations. In the old days if you wanted a conversation you could grab one person and if the authority figure created a group they could give out the same message.

However, with the innovation of the internet things became much easier. If there was only one receiver or one sender of the information in the past, now the internet provides an opportunity in which there are multiple receivers and senders of information.

With the help of the internet we are no longer disconnected from each other. Even a decade ago, as the internet was only used to be able to contain information that was posted by professionals, but now days we all know it is much more than that! Every one of us is capable of having the ability to produce information through the internet.

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